I'm Tyler Wood, a developer for most things web-y and powered by code.

I spend most of my time coding, building computers, practicing for Smash tournaments, and exploring the San Francisco Bay Area.

I graduated from San Francisco State University and used to work at GSN Games and OpenDNS - now I'm working at Farsight Security.

My goal is to become a world-class developer who can reduce the daily problems of as many people as possible. So far, I have four years of web development experience and a Bachelor's in Computer Science. Almost all of my seat time has been autonomous - I've had the freedom to communicate with customers directly, build tools to streamline workflows both internally and for clientele, and the opportunity to design and ship products that I'm confident in.

I care a lot about the user experience. With over seven years of direct user communication, I fully understand how integral happy people are for keeping a business running smoothly and how to address stressful situations when services break unexpectedly.

If you're curious to know more about me or what I do please feel free to say hello!